Roadside Assistance Frauds

For anyone, it isn’t a pleasant experience whenever you are stranded on the road. It could be pretty dangerous oftentimes. It such occasions, it is suggested to call a towing near me and request for roadside help as fast as possible. However, your times of danger are a huge chance for scam artists and conmen who may want to capitalize on your condition. There are a lot of roadside assistance frauds in the world that individuals fall victim to each year, believing that they’re getting the assistance they require. However, the truth is that they’re further subjecting themselves to troubles and headaches.

Simply because you’re stranded on the street does not mean that you’ve got to be vulnerable. Here are several roadside assistance frauds that you should be aware of:

Towing Company Not Identifying Roadside Assistance Programs

Do not work with a towing firm that doesn’t identify roadside assistance programs such as AAA. Towing firms that provide cash-only services have their reasons. However, it is suggested that you work with a firm that will accept your program when you’ve got a roadside maintenance plan and you’re in need of an emergency towing. A towing firmis possibly not credentialed or up to industry standards if it does not accept AAA or any other roadside assistance program.

Towing Firm with One Towing Destination

It is suggested that you don’t work with a towing firm that only tows to one destination. These firms often will only tow to a particular car body shop. This means that you’ll be at the mercy of any additional fees that may come from the shop or the towing company itself.

Incomplete Paperwork

You have to ensure you gather every single paperwork for your records whenever the tow truck arrives. Do not allow them to tow your car if the document is not complete. It is suggested that you ask for a written invoice. This should include the fees for towing in addition to other fees. You have to ensure you examine the sign on the document matches the one on the tow truck.

Inaccurate/Incomplete Quote

Another roadside assistance fraud you should never fall for is quoting someone for roadside assistance and then tacking on a lot of service charges and fees. You have to ensure your quote includes the complete price of towing. This includes mileage, fuel, and any other service fees. Do not forget to get it in a written form.

Unsolicited Service

It is highly advised that you do not accept their help if you’re stranded on the road and an unsolicited and unmarked tow truck shows up to provide you some help. This might actually be one of the oldest roadside assistance frauds in the book, no matter how coincidental it might appear. When you get into an accident, any help might appear like a miracle. However, they’re most likely a scam if you did not call a towing company to the area. This is especially true if there’s no sign on the tow truck. It is advised that you always contact a reputable towing company.


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