How to Prune Peach Trees Properly?

It is important to prune your peach tree if you want to harvest great fruit quality per year. If you fail to do this yearly, the tree will tend to rapidly become overdeveloped on the lower branches, which minimizes and sooner removing the development of peaches on shoots within close distance. The shoots that bear fruit will become higher and higher. On the other hand, the lower limbs could be infected with a disease and begin to die, which shortens your peach tree’s life span. Here are the essential tips from the experts on how to prune peach trees properly:

Determine when the best time for pruning is

The ideal time to prune would be during early spring, shortly before the fruit starts to show. Usually, peach trees must be pruned every February since they start to flower in early March. Just wait for the last spring frost to be over and then you can prune since the blooming time will soon take place. If you only have a few peach trees, you can wait until pink buds start to take place first.

Remove water sprouts

Water sprouts imply to those vigorous upright developments. Any fruit developed here usually have poorer quality. They usually shade lower limbs, which becomes an issue since the sunlight is critical when it comes to the color of your fruit. Moreover, if it is left unchecked and untreated, it will cause your fruit to develop higher and higher out of your reach. The majority of water sprouts could be pruned away.

Eliminate deadwood

If you observe a brittle, dried-out wood with a gray look, which seems to be dying or already dead, must be eliminated right away. Dead woods are commonly sufficiently weak to be broken off by hand. Make sure to eliminate any fruit that remains one year before if needed.

Remove crossing branches

There is a reason why pruning crossing limbs is important, especially those that can be found near the tree trunk. It actually encourages great airflow that can enable the right pesticide application and deters infestation. It enables other developing branches to receive more sunlight, which is important for proper fruit color and development. Moreover, branches that are trapped under the shade within a year tend to become the next deadwood. So, you better watch out.

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